The Gladding, McBean & Co. factory, in the Placer County town of Lincoln, has operated continuously since 1875. Starting as a clay pipe manufacturer, “the pottery” soon expanded its product line and by the end of the 19th century was producing the architectural terra cotta that continues to ornament buildings in major cities across the U.S. and beyond. From 1987 to 2011, Gladding, McBean was the site of Feats of Clay, an annual ceramics exhibition that introduced thousands of visitors to the factory. Between 1996 and 2011, in workshops organized by Gene Kennedy, nearly 300 photographers explored, documented, and interpreted Gladding, McBean, a working factory as well as an icon of California’s industrial heritage. This juried exhibit celebrates that extraordinary opportunity and the photographic legacy it has given us.

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There is nothing Farrell Scott loves more than capturing what happens behind the scenes to bring food to our tables. Whether it's documenting a busy kitchen or a working farm, she is only too happy to be in the middle of it all and seize the action. At the same time, when she’s in the studio creating a still life of a chocolate layer cake with ganache or a cheeseburger dripping with barbecue sauce, Scott has found how she communicates best with the world.

For the past several years, Scott has been working with a restaurant group designing their establishments from top to bottom. What she’s witnessed, time and time again, is the passion and full dedication of the people that bring beautiful, local food to the dining table. The story of their food is told repeatedly - just look at the millions of food images posted daily. But what’s their story? The Executive Chef that is an avid bow hunter, the Chef de Cuisine who has a wicked golf game or the Sous Chef that grows food and edible flowers. Scott wanted to find out about who was creating the amazing meals she was experiencing. Thus came about her first deep dive into portrait photography to bring you - Chefs Off Line.

Scott, a native of Sacramento, is a commercial photographer specializing in the art of food, agriculture and architecture. To challenge herself photographically, she enjoys exploring the waterways of Sacramento and Yolo creating night images any time of year while disregarding the weather.




Join us for appetizers and wine while we auction off our Collector’s Edition of over 40 carefully selected images at our annual fundraising event.

All proceeds benefit Viewpoint Photographic Art Center and their many programs.

This year’s auction includes a number of rare and valuable prints that are highly collectable in addition to newer works by regional artists. Some of the prints in this year's acution have been in the Viewpoint collection for years, donated by the original photographers as well as other collectors. This is a unique opportunity to purchase an exhibit quality print for your home or office and support a great non-profit organization.




Work of Art is the theme for Viewpoint Photographic Art Center’s 10th annual juried show, TWELVE. Work of Art brings attention to the entire process of creating a photograph. It comes as no surprise to photographers, but there is a good deal more to making a well-crafted, meaningful photograph than a good camera with the right lens. Such photographs involve the preparation for “being there” as well as choosing the right place, the right time, right framing, right ISO, right shutter speed, and right aperture. Even these speak only to the initial capturing of the image. The interpretations that follow are partners in the making process, the work. The editing decisions of post processing are an enormous part of the work whether at the computer or in the darkroom. Nor is making a final print the end of the work. Now there are decisions about the size, color and style of the mat, plus where to sign and how to title the work. All these things and much more go into making an artful photograph that is an expression of the photographer’s idea. After all of it, the final word or last decision might be to share the photograph with others. This is the opportunity photographers have in Viewpoint’s TWELVE: Work of Art.

Viewpoint welcomes your creativity and craftsmanship in interpreting the theme, Work of Art. Any subject and photographic approach is invited for this open call juried exhibit.

Deadline for entries is October 19, 2018.

For more information, see the Call for Entries

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