In late 2014, Isabel Karl-Herunter, David L. Robertson and Maurice Warniers had their first opportunity to capture photographs together at a workshop near Mendocino, California, organized by Greg Gorman, a highly-respected portrait photographer.  Four months later, David and Mattia Zaldini met at a photography workshop in Venice, Italy, photographing Carnevale.  What was immediately evident was that these four photographers had diverse but coherent approaches to portraiture.

Although these photographers come from Austria, Belgium, Italy and the USA, and approach photography from very diverse directions, they share a common passion for portrait photography presented in black and white.  They prefer black and white images because that removes any distractions and focuses attention on the “hero” of the image.




Born in Iran in 1966 Cyrus Javid lived there until he was 25. He migrated to the United States in 1991 and became a US citizen in 1999.

Mostly a self-taught photographer, Cyrus strives to be better with every photograph.  Line, color, shape, form, texture, balance, movement, pattern, and proportion are integral parts of his images. Through their use, he hopes to create images that are unique, and to offer his viewers a new perspective. Javid loves color images but dreams in black and white.

The images in this exhibition were made a few years ago. Javid’s adventure took him to Casablanca; Rabat, with its green hills by the Atlantic ocean; Fes, with its ancient winding medina; Ouarzazate, the gateway to the Sahara Desert, with its shifting colored sands; the rugged twisted roads of the Atlas Mountains; and finally, the amazing Marrakech, where spice and argon oil souks and snake charmers fill the long winding alleys of Jamaa-el-fna.






Sunday March 11th, 2 - 4 p.​​m.

Stephen Johnson is a Canon Explorer of Light and in this 2 hour lecture he will take you through a​n exploration of the sensuality and strangeness of flora seen in abstract form and beauty. Re-imagining the meaning of close up photography, Stephen Johnson has spent the last few years working on a series of very detailed, deeply focused photographic studies of the raw sensual beauty of plant life. The photographs are both eerily realistic and abstract. Most of the photographs are assembled from multiple images made at different focus points (focus stacked) and integrated into previously unseen uncannily sharp renditions of truly exotic form. This talk examines the inspiration and vision for this work and the techniques used to achieve his remarkable prints.



Please join us for a Viewpoint Fundraiser Friday, April 13, 6 - 8:30 p.m.

This dual-purpose event offers the opportunity for both our members and general public to enjoy a special artists’ reception and to get a preview of the new exhibits with photographers in attendance.

Guests will enjoy a selection of wines and craft beer, light appetizers and an array of desserts.

$15 per person (18 and under free). Purchase tickets HERE

For our region’s first Photography Month Sacramento, Viewpoint set out to offer two exhibits that highlight the best of new technology and trends combined with what we love most about classic fine art photography. In the Main Gallery we offer a stunning exhibit of Sacramento after Dark all from the digital world of Instagram photography. In the Step Up Gallery we go old school with Luther Gerlach’s Mammoth Wet Plate Photography—large format black and white images printed on glass.







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