Kerik Kouklis: The Alchemist’s Vision

In the Main Gallery, November 11 – December 5, 2015

Viewpoint is pleased to present a retrospective of internationally renowned photographer, Kerik Kouklis, featuring his hand-made images which he has created over the past 25 years. The work is provocative, stunning, and inventive.

Kerik Kouklis is a fine art photographer who has been involved in creating hand-made photographs since his father set up a darkroom in the basement when he was 12. Born and raised in California with a background in music and 30 years as an environmental geologist under his belt, Kerik combines a contemporary eye with 19th century processes to produce work that is uniquely his own.  Working in a variety of formats from small digital cameras to large view cameras, Kerik uses both film and digital negatives to create his prints. He is known as a skilled practitioner and teacher of the platinum/palladium and the combined gum-platinum processes.





Roberta Bailey — Imperfect Perfection: Floral Portraits

In the Step Up Gallery, November 11 – December 5, 2015

Roberta Bailey's Imperfect Perfection: Floral Portraits celebrate Nature’s lifecycle. For her, "they capture the evolution of flowers from buds into mature blossoms and flowers past their prime and that I have dried. I strive to highlight their unique beauty at each stage." After being intrigued with floral portraits created by an enlarger, Roberta came up with the idea of using her flatbed scanner for a similar look. "At the time, I knew of no one who was using a scanner to capture fine art digital photos, so I had to develop my own process through trial and error." Scanners have a very high resolution because they are engineered to enlarge slides and negatives with exceptional detail so they are well suited for close-up images.

When even using the same floral subject she can create vastly different images just by experimenting. "I am never sure of what will appear.... it is frustrating and exhilarating." She says, "I am surprised that I love some of the images that I have been creating, as they are not what I thought I liked, or I would have thought them weird. My evolving artistic vision and acceptance is exciting."





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