Light Lines, by Michael Kelly-DewittThis month Viewpoint dedicates the Main Gallery to three artists and their solo series:

Juliet Haas’ Marionettes and Other Ghosts of Vision reflects a vintage noir aesthetic with saturation of color and realism in a modern digital capture.

Jing Lin’s series Solitary showcases nature in a innocent yet fragile grayscale landscape.

Michael Kelly-Dewitt photographs his subjects in a high resolution digital process complete with portraits, nature, and architecture.



Light Lines, © Michael Kelly-Dewitt


In summer 2018, I began asking friends, family and other participants to choose a few objects that they live with and that are special in some way: sentimental, frequently used or just interesting looking. I tried not to give them too much direction so that the participant had total control over the objects to be photographed. I then shot the objects in the room in which they exist. The backgrounds remain consistent in that the object is on a solid surface with a blank wall behind but they change in color and texture due to the style of the room.  The photographs are put into grids based on common characteristics of the owners or the objects themselves.




Once upon a Time, by Ron Yemma
Once upon a Time, by Ron Yemma

2018 Twelve Exhibit

Visual & Verbal is the theme of the 11th annual juried show, TWELVE. Visual & Verbal focuses on the relationship of words to pictures, specifically to photographs. These two realms, visual and verbal, come from different portions of our brains and obviously have different roles in communication. But they are partners. The exhibit Twelve: Visual & Verbal explores that complex and stimulating partnership.

The photographic subject matter and methods are wide open, limitless. However, words should accompany photographic entries in one or both of the following ways:

  1. The image contains whole or partial letters, words or numbers in any language as a design element. These textual elements might appear in the original photograph, such as a street signs, or may be added to the image, for example, handwritten or digitally applied text.
  2. The title extends the meaning of the photograph.

Viewpoint welcomes your concepts, creativity and craftsmanship in interpreting the theme, Visual & Verbal. Any subject and photographic approach is invited for this juried open call exhibit.


1st  Place  –  $312
2nd Place  –  $212
3rd Place  –  $112
Three Honorable Mentions – Viewpoint Workshop valued at $95.

See the complete PROSPECTUS.

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Exhibit Proposals

Viewpoint Photographic Art Center is now accepting proposals for solo and group exhibitions for January–December, 2020. Exhibits in the Main Gallery will generally run for a 4-week period but may be longer. Exhibits in the Step Up Gallery, which is reserved for members of Viewpoint only (you must be a current member to submit a proposal), will also run for approximately four weeks. Exhibits run concurrently in both galleries, with new exhibits opening during the second week of each month.



For a more complete description of the submission process, see the Call for Proposals.

All proposals must be made using EntryThingy online submissions. The link can be found on the Viewpoint website under Exhibits/Call for Entries or by clicking HERE.

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Friday, September 13, 2019 - 6:00pm to 8:30pm
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Friday, November 8, 2019 - 6:00pm to 8:30pm

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