The term that most accurately describes Don Manderson’s current work is Simultaneity. This refers to the simultaneous and insistent nature of the daily sensory experience in an increasingly technical society. This phenomenon is exemplified by society’s constant efforts to leverage the human capacity for concurrent processing of a range of sensory stimuli within social interaction, advertising, entertainment and journalism. Simultaneity is employed in Don's digital montage and video pieces for delivery of personal commentary and aesthetic expression in a manner congruent with the observer’s daily sensory experience.

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Utility wires span fields where a neighborhood disappeared. Gutters and garbage pile knee high in front of a burnt-out duplex. A fire hydrant serves a lonely house on a city block. The residential streets of Detroit are in the midst of rapid change with no end in sight. At night, photographer Bill Schwab travels areas in a fast state of flux, finding large swathes of ruralization and deterioration against a backdrop of skies dramatic in color and mood. Street lights, porch lights, window lights, bridge lights, moonlight shine quietly. During the day, the most aggressive blight removal program in the nation bulldozes its way up and down the streets. In its tracks: ghosts of what was and a spirit that hangs on.

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Save the Date: January 25th, 7:00–8:30 pm. Plan to attend Rich Baum’s lecture and slide show presentation at Viewpoint Gallery, where he will talk a bit about his career, how he works, and his passion for photography. This lecture is free to all Viewpoint members.

Rich Baum is a Northern California-based professional photographer with experience shooting a broad range of subjects including real estate, sporting events, weddings and executive head shots.

Whether producing images for Fortune 500 companies, small locally-owned businesses or a bride and groom on the day, Baum’s mission remains the same: to exquisitely capture the subject matter’s true essence and spirit, while also providing for outstanding service and a truly fun experience.

Baum began his career as a prop master in Hollywood, working on television commercials and a number of well-known films including Hoosiers, Gandhi, Beaches, and The Naked Gun.  Over the course of twenty-five years working in the film business, Baum developed a keen eye for detail, framing and composition – skills that would serve him well when he transitioned to professional photography more than a decade ago.


An Early Call for Entries—Picturing the Parkway: Celebrating the American River Parkway in Photographs

ENTRY PERIOD: May 1 to July 29, 2017

EXHIBIT DATES: September 2017

Viewpoint is announcing this open exhibition a year in advance to encourage all interested photographers to explore the richness of the American River Parkway in all seasons and weathers.

Considered the blueprint for urban parks across the U.S., the 4,900-acre American River Parkway extends along the Lower American River for 23 miles, from Folsom Dam to Discovery Park at the confluence with the Sacramento River. Combining conservation with scenic beauty, abundant wildlife, and a wide range of recreational opportunities, the Parkway hosts more than 5 million visitors annually. The Parkway also provides a wealth of photographic opportunities in all seasons of the year.

To celebrate this "jewel of the Sacramento region", Viewpoint Photographic Art Center is planning a major photographic exhibit in the autumn of 2017. Entitled Picturing the Parkway: Celebrating the American River Parkway in Photographs, the exhibit will feature a juried selection of photographs made within the American River Parkway. The exhibit is open to all photographers and all photographic techniques.

So get out there and start taking pictures! Details on the Call For Entries page.

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