Emerge from the Aether is a collection of wet plate collodion images comprised of portraits and still lifes Dan Herrera has made over the past three years.  In an age of megapixels, camera phones, and a perpetual stream of digital images, Dan’s exhibit invites the viewer to slow down and experience storytelling within the scope of historical photographic printing methods to a time when photography was still in its infancy.  This approach to slowing down and having his hand present in all stage of the process produces unique prints that are both rich in content and physical surface quality, blurring the lines between photographic realism and painterly illusion.  The aesthetics of working this way are used as a means to absorb the viewer in a narrative futuristic and nostalgic.




It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.  ~Henry David Thoreau

In this series, Wendy Baker combines her passions for travel and architectural and portrait photography to create visual stories evoking a feeling of mystery.

Her dreamlike images always begin with a sense of place.  She then adds her photographs of models, clothing, and other elements.  She states, “I love to travel.  I’m captivated by the idea of magical journeys—whether to far-off lands or deep into the self.  My goal is to create a feeling of fantasy — transitioning from the known to the unknown by using beautiful light, muted colors, symbolic details and compositions with strong leading lines.“  She often adds touches of archival glitter to her printed pieces before framing.  

As the owner of a commercial photography business based in the Sacramento area, she is constantly developing new skills.  She loves everything about the creative process.  From getting up before dawn in a new city to capturing the perfect light, to sitting at her computer combining the elements she’s gathered into a unique visual story, one that she hopes will spark the viewer's imagination.





The Members Exhibit was developed to publicly acknowledge the valuable contributions and outstanding artwork created by our many members.  Viewpoint Photographic Art Center invites submissions for this annual exhibit of members' works. The entry period for this exhibit is May 18 through June 9, 2018. The Exhibit will run from July 10 through August 4, 2018.

This exhibit is not confined to a particular theme. Members are encouraged to bring in artwork finished through any form of photography. It is anticipated that this exhibit will once again showcase the wide range of photographic interests pursued by its members. We encourage members to create new works for debut in this exhibit and all images submitted must be new to the exhibit—no repeat images from past exhibits please.

For more information, see the Call for Entries





The Gladding, McBean & Co. factory in Lincoln, California has operated continuously since 1875. Starting as a clay pipe manufacturer, “the pottery” soon expanded its product line and by the end of the 19th century was producing the architectural terra cotta that continues to ornament buildings in major cities across the U.S. and beyond. Between 1996 and 2011, in workshops organized by Gene Kennedy, nearly 300 photographers explored, documented, and interpreted Gladding, McBean. Others made photographs during the annual Feats of Clay ceramics exhibition held at Gladding, McBean from 1987 to 2011.

To celebrate this photographic legacy, Viewpoint Photographic Art Center will host a major photographic exhibit in September 2018. Entitled Mixing Light with Clay: Photographs from the Gladding, McBean Pottery, the exhibit will feature a juried selection of photographs made within the factory and grounds of Gladding, McBean. The exhibit is open to all photographers and all photographic techniques.

For more information, see the Call for Entries

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