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MT's Farm, Witchita, Kansas

John had stopped to spend a few hours photographing M.T.’s farm when driving to Wichita. M.T. was a metal sculptor who passed away a couple of years ago.  John says, “I always felt like I had the run of the place while photographing there.”

The Lotus, Pure-Spontaneous-Perfect

"Dolores Frank says “My favorite images are those that express emotion. I like to find the ordinary and turn it into something extraordinary.“ She is best known for her beautiful color work. 

Miners Ravine Creek

Many  of Alan's photographs depict scenes within walking distance of his studio in suburban Placer County, while the remainder document the beauty of nearby counties within the northern third of the Central Valley of California. Alan states, "the images speak to the importance of preserving natural lands, with a particular emphasis on the value of maintaining open spaces within the confines of developed environments."

Park Hill Night 2011

Roger Liberman is well known for his high contrast black and white images. He enjoys shooting at night when shapes may shift in appearance due to the light. This image was taken near the steps of an apartment building in San Francisco. The play of light caught his eye and he went back three nights in a row before he captured the mood he was looking for.

Slender Figure

Long before Mark started making photographs, he was interested in abstract art: how it worked, what it could say, where it fit in the history of art and in the realm of the imagination. A year or two ago, driving in Davis, Mark saw an unusual bit of corrosion on a utility cabinet, and after circling back for a better look, he decided it was something he ought to photograph.  To Mark, this figure seems to be passing quite cheerfully across his field of view, completely comfortable despite her oddness.

Three Oaks #3, Scott Road

Most of Mark Citret's work is not specific to any locale or subject matter. He has worked on many photographic projects over the course of his career, and continues to do so.  His work is represented in a number of major photographic galleries and museum collections around the country.

Cloud Study, Dreaming of Paris 1/5

Kathryn's Cloud Study, Dreaming of Paris #1 was completed as part of a larger series of pastoral landscapes meant to evoke the nostalgia and longing associated with the often fading and changing memory of place.   She is a photographic educator and fine art and conceptual photographer specializing in historic and alternative photographic processes.   Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and is in several international permanent collections.


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