Field Trip - Goldfield, NV

Photography in and around Goldfield, Nevada

We last visited Goldfield in October of 2016. This time will be different--a different "guide", different buildings, a different time of year.

Goldfield will probably still be very cold on the day of the trip, so check an almanac and the weather report!

Here's the rough plan for the day:

Early AM: Photograph at the historic Goldfield High School building
Later AM: Potential to photograph interiors of other Goldfield buildings
Lunch at the Dinky Diner
Early PM: Guided access to photograph inside the Goldfield Hotel
Later PM: Photograph around Goldfield
Night time: Night photography at the International Car Forest or locations of your chosing

There are other interesting areas near Goldfield, including:

  • Tonopah, NV and the WWII Tonopah Airport Hangars
  • Mina, NV
  • Gold Point, NV

Fees and registration:

There's a trip within the trip that creates a little complication: We have a hard limit of 10 photographers in the Hotel, so access to the Goldfield hotel will be for photographers only (no assistants or models). Register on the website for Hotel access. If you are joining the trip without entering the Hotel, send an email to fieldtrip at to register.

There are fees associated with this trip: $40 per Hotel photographer and $20 for all others, which covers the guide fee and lunch. Payment in cash only, paid on the morning of the field trip. Hotel photography cancellations will be filled from the wait list. Please pre-register so that the guide has a count of attendees.

Details and last minute updates will be sent by email to all who have registered or emailed.

Lodging is available in Goldfield or Tonopah.

Some Goldfield options:

  • Hotel: Santa Fe Saloon and Hotel
  • RV : Goldfield RV

Some Tonopah options:

  • Hotel: Mitzpah, Tonopah Casino etc.
  • RV: Tonopah RV or Tonopah Station




March 24 2018 7:00 AM

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