2019 STUDENT EXHIBIT: Boundaries


Viewpoint Photographic Art Center invites college and high school students of photography to submit photographs for a juried exhibition in the Viewpoint Step Up Gallery. This juried exhibition, entitled BOUNDARIES, will run from APRIL 9 through MAY 4, 2019.

The dictionary defines boundaries as lines that mark the limits of an area, a dividing line. Synonyms include borders, frontiers, partitions, perimeters, peripheries, and edges.

In photographic composition, boundaries arise in two ways:

  1. from the image frame, a consequence of what one chooses to include or exclude from the image, and
  2. from the organization and interactions of color, tone, texture and shapes within the image itself.

In human interactions, interpersonal boundaries, which vary with culture, religion and gender, often determine what is deemed emotionally safe or socially acceptable. And in politics, boundaries delineate counties, states and cities, as well as individual views.

As you consider what you want to photograph, think about how the boundaries that constitute your photograph―compositional, human, and political―combine to tell your story to the viewer.

Viewpoint's Jury will select approximately 30-40 images for the exhibition. Students whose images are accepted will receive a free one-year Viewpoint membership.

Cash Prize Awards

1st Place       $150

2nd Place      $100

3rd Place       $75

Submission Deadline: February 5, 2019 at Midnight

For details on how to enter, download the PROSPECTUS.

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