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By: Cecilia Clark

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Drawer number: B-01
Image size: 10 x 14
Mat size: 16 x 20

This is a water reflection taken in Tenakee Springs, Alaska. The reflection caught my eye because the pattern created by the water's slow undulations created the patterns used in textiles produced in Uzbekistan. Here is the creation story for the dyeing/weaving technique Uzbeks call "aber-band." 

A young weaver fell in love with a beautiful girl. He asked her father (the master weaver) for permission to marry her. The master said he would consent if the young weaver could weave something completely unique. The young man was distraught for days trying to imagine what he could weave that would be completely new. One day, he was laying by the river gazing up at the wispiness of the clouds and came up with an idea. He tied off sections of silk threads and dipped those lengths of silk (the warp) into a dye. When he was finished with the weaving, the textile had a cloud-like separation between the color and the areas that were not dyed. Her father was delighted and the young weaver was allowed to marry. His creation, "aber-band," means cloud - tie.  

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