Circles are a very powerful benefit available to all registered users of the Viewpoint site.

Circles are user-created groups or communities within For example, you can create a Circle based on:

  • Viewpoint Program (Field Trips, Print Night,etc.)
  • Photographic mediums (alternative processes, silver gelatin, Van Dyke)
  • Photographic tools (cameras, Photoshop, Lightroom)
  • Private circles for use by Viewpoint committees
  • Basically, you may create or join a Circle for discussions and image sharing with any group of people that share a common interest.

Circles can also be public or private. For example, you may want a Circle that is only visible to its members who are working within a Viewpoint Committee.

While the content of publically visible Circles can be seen by all, only members of the Circle can add content and images. You may create and participate in as many Circles as you wish.

Every Circle includes:

  • A Circle Media Wall where you can share art work with other members of the Circle
  • Ability for members to post articles that include threaded comments for discussion
  • Calendared events applicable to the Circle
  • Pages that are posted by the Circle's moderator
  • A list of its members with links to their individual profiles
  • The Circle moderator can send messages to their entire Circle

Participation is easy:

Login, then click the menu for Circles > Browse Circles and join one to participate!

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