Davidjohn Lotto: A Retrospective in Platinum/Palladium

Exhibit Dates: 
Thursday, May. 6 to Saturday, Jun. 5


Once in a while we all meet people who change our lives significantly. Davidjohn Lotto is one of those people. His energy, attention to detail, artistic vision and depth of soul have touched so many. His art is inspired by all of these elements that show so clearly in his body of work. As he was driven by his passion for these things and a need to heal and process the events in his life he channeled these things into his art.

Buddhism, psychology and early life experiences each informed him deeply. His understanding and appreciation for beauty in all its forms can clearly be seen as he worked with the photographic iconography of figure, form, and landscape. They also show up in his use of vintage and modern techniques of wet plate, platinum, brass Petzval lenses, digital manipulation and handmade papers.

He pursued excellence in those around him who he admired and worked under and with greats like Kerik Kouklas, Luther Gerlach, Oliver Gaglianai, and Tracy Storer. He pressed those around him for their expertise, techniques, and tips, often demanding very close tutelage. But he also taught others and nurtured new artists who came to him seeking guidance.

Along with his very serious work ethic came a sharp sense of humor and a career as an expert hairdresser that made him fun and easy to be relaxed around. He lived and breathed photography. Never boring and always a salesman, he drew people to him. Friends, models, art lovers. And fellow artists.

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