Hal Wilson: Large Format Victorian Composites


I do this stuff for fun.”

Hal Wilson has a lot of respect for talented artists who take their work seriously and dedicate themselves to their art.  But this guy is NOT serious.  He is, however, DEDICATED.
Read on ...You'll see.

At the end of a day after paying the bills, walking the dog, and sharing a meal (presumably NOT with the dog) Hal starts looking forward to a little quiet time later in the evening.  If he can fight off the fatigue there's a chance that he'll find himself browsing through some old photographs – often from the millions available online through the Library of Congress.

When something looks interesting, he'll bookmark it.  There are a lot of interesting images out  there! Maybe it's an intelligent looking  giraffe …  or maybe an intelligent looking cowboy … (well, it COULD happen!).  Somehow, that sleepy feeling is gone.  He will start cutting and pasting bits and pieces of those images until a new composition emerges.





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