Jeff Redman: Beguiled by the Ordinary

Exhibit Dates: 
Monday, Apr. 6 to Saturday, May. 2

Anarchy in Montreal, by Jeff Redman


When photography began its shift from chemical/metal-based processes to digital, Jeff Redman began to fear that manufacturers like Kodak and Ilford would stop making the common black and white papers he had used for decades. So, Jeff began to consider adopting one of the more “hand-made” processes that had been used in the early days of photography. After a bit of research he came to love the look of the few “carbon prints” he was able to see in museums and collections and began to seek information about the process.

Jeff Redman headshot

A mutual friend introduced Jeff to Vaughn Hutchings, who kindly spend a day teaching him the basics of the carbon process. Under Vaughn’s tutelage Jeff made three very nice small prints that day. He went home and began trying to make carbon prints in his own environment. Jeff states that It would be almost four years before he made another “very nice small print”.
In Jeff’s ongoing efforts to make engaging, compelling, and beautiful images he has grown to love the “look” of carbon transfer prints. Their lush tonalities, their openness, and the surface “relief” they have that imparts a subtly three-dimensional “feel.”


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