Liz Dahler: Wild Animals of Africa - Up Close and Personal

Exhibit Dates: 
Tuesday, Nov. 5 to Saturday, Dec. 7
Artist Reception: 
Friday, Nov. 8 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm
2nd Saturday Opening: 
Saturday, Nov. 9 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm


In 2012 Liz Dahler traveled to Kenya and Tanzania, on an African safari and in 2013 to Namibia, Africa, to enable networking technology and teach elementary school teachers how technology can enhance and expand learning.  Both of these experiences left lasting impressions.  This collection of images provides a close up look into the Wild Animals of Africa. You are invited to take a few moments to engage with each photo and imagine the thoughts going through the minds of these beautiful creatures.  Is the animal a ‘watcher’ or ‘being watched?’ Sometimes it’s not what the photographer sees, but what is seen of the photographer. What is the emotion you observe? Do you see a human-like expression?  Genetic comparisons of baboons and humans identify us sharing 94% of our genes. With this photo collection, Liz’s goal is to uncover the common bond so together we can help protect endangered wildlife species.

Liz Dahler HeadshotLiz has spent most of her career leading and teaching others in technology.  Her focus has moved to photography and videography in the last 10 years capturing images of people, animals, cultures, and landscapes from around the world.  A restless nomad, Liz has moved over 35 times and travels to new destinations annually.  Her recent landing spot is Colorado where she plans on photographing the Colorado Rockies and venturing into Utah national parks. She is also an avid scuba videographer creating travel videos for dive groups.

Recent photography awards included multiple Iceland landscape photographs at Cal Expo State Fair in California showcasing God’s light shining on an island and Ice Sculptures on the beach at sunrise.  Her work can be seen at

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