Portfolio Drawer Print by: Steve Solinsky

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By: Steve Solinsky

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Drawer number: C10
Image size: 12x18
Mat size: 20x24

Sometimes you come home with an image that has wonderful elements, but lacks something compelling to make it stand out. This was one such shot I made when traveling through Winnemucca, Nevada. That morning, from my motel window I spied a mysterious plume of smoke rising in the distance. I was curious, and sought it out. It turned out to be a geothermal vent releasing steam from this marshy area.The grasses and the steam were interesting and the light was good, so I took the shot. But, it lacked an element of feeling and had no center of interest. On my website this is one of several I classify as "Imaginal", since they've arisen from combining elements from more than one image. I mirrored sections of the tree to illicit an touch of the surreal, and then added the bird flocks which I borrowed from a shot I took in Denver.

Price: $325.00
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