Rachel Rosenthal: One World, Many Faces

Exhibit Dates: 
Tuesday, Jan. 5 to Saturday, Feb. 6


In the exhibition, One World, Many Faces, Rachel Rosenthal presents images of people from across the 60 countries she has had the great fortune to visit. Rosenthal’s goal is to illuminate the soul within, connect us to another's culture and locale, and make human nature tangible. In a world that has recently contracted, she believes that it is critical that we acknowledge and appreciate our shared humanity.

This collection represents a long-term creative project that is a continued source of inspiration and motivation. As Rachel “chases the light” across the globe, it is the people to whom she is drawn.She relishes the opportunity to connect with them, allowing her to create images that transcend the moment and make our shared humanity tangible. As you view Rachel’s exhibit, either online or in-person, it is her hope that you are transported to another place and time and allowed to “paint with your own imagination” through her images.


I'm Rachel Rosenthal, a photographer. Sounds a bit strange to say and odd to read after years spent as an oil field engineer, mathematics professor, and community college president. It's a title realized after years spent in the background. Always present, but existing only as time, and life, allowed. I began my career as a mechanical engineer in Oklahoma, working the oil fields of Texas and New Mexico (in a hard hat and steel-toed boots, no less). But photography was present. Always. I had a darkroom at home and relished time spent watching images come to life beneath my hands. A move to California then necessitated a change of career. I seriously considered becoming a full-time photographer but was dissuaded by the potential impact on my young daughter due to the work schedule. Then a book entitled, “What Color is Your Parachute?” offered the insight and motivation to pursue a career in higher education. I obtained the required graduate degree in Applied Mathematics and was honored to accept a position as a math professor at American River College. I found that I absolutely loved the mission of California community colleges and moved from professor to Dean of Mathematics and Engineering, to Vice President, and ultimately retired as President of Folsom Lake College. Photography was always present, however, especially on my annual vacations spent exploring the world. I now have the long-anticipated luxury of focusing on photography and travel. I am so very grateful for recent awards and find the opportunity to participate in solo exhibitions, such as this one, incredibly affirming.

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