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Seat of the Soul

By: Steve Solinsky

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Drawer number: C10
Image size: 14x18
Mat size: 20x24

Early one Sunday morning I explored a Puerta Vallarta mall with my view camera. On the roof floor was a restaurant under construction with construction tape cordoning it off from the walkway. I spied it's intriguing architecture and, seeing no one around, slipped in to look around. I set up this shot, and was viewing it under my darkcloth when I was shocked from behind by muffled walkie talkie static. I had been busted by a wandering guard. In my broken Spanish I pleaded for a few more moments to complete my shot. He relaxed, and I clicked the shutter. I was even able to add one more shot, "Stairway into Illusion", on my website. The chairs front a bar countertop which I presume was to receive a curved glass top. Cubbies hold some fluted ceramics, and unconnected wiring. Much credit goes to the unknown architect.

Price: $325.00
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