Portfolio Drawer Print by: Steve Solinsky

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By: Steve Solinsky

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Drawer number: C10
Image size: 11.4x18
Mat size: 20x24

I loved photographing in the hilly Mexican mining town of Guanajauto. It's main streets are tunneled underground, eliminating much of the car traffic from the city. Since the terrain is mostly erratic and vertical it's a mishmash of interconnecting alleyways, and a very easy place for a gringo to get lost (which I love). Shooting mostly in alleyways, it's always intimate, and rewarded with color. But to create this image, I needed to reconstruct things (do some digital recomposition). This passageway, though wonderfully colorful, led directly into a bright sunlit courtyard, which compositionally killed the whole thing. Actually, in reality the yellow wall was originally over to the right about 3 feet, but revealing the glaring light. By moving it over a bit as I did, the bright distraction was gone. But there was no center of interest to anchor the composition- so I added the steel chair (from a negative shot in Puerta Vallarta). It was unique and perfect for the spot.

Price: $325.00
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