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The Viewpoint Student Program was created to provide students with an educational resource that gives them valuable industry information, feedback, and support in a semi-professional environment.  Viewpoint is offering a program to help high school and college students grow and build their art, meet other students in their chosen field of study who share their interests, and join a thriving organization dedicated to the photographic arts.

For students interested in becoming a Member of Viewpoint, the annual fee is only $20 and entitles members to attend all monthly Print and Portfolio nights; to submit their work for possible exhibition in the annual Members Show, field trips organized for members and discounted fees for various workshops and travel trips, and invitations to the Member Receptions at each new monthly exhibit.

NEW to the Viewpoint Student Program is a Workshop Scholarship Fund which provides 20 free half-day workshops held at Viewpoint for full-time high schools students and part time or full time college students with a photography major. This new fund is has been generously provided to Viewpoint through a private family contribution. The fund will be reviewed annual for renewal. Click here for more details.

Program Details:
Student lectures are intended to supplement a student's school experience by offering talks and demonstrations on areas of photographic interest, topics and techniques.  Lectures and demonstrations are given by people experienced in their field.  Viewpoint strives to make these lectures relevant to areas of study.  Suggestions for speakers are always welcome.

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All students and Viewpoint members are invited to attend Viewpoint’s Student Lecture Series.  These free lectures are  designed to enhanece the learning experience for students of photography as well as Viewpoint members. The lectures are held at: Viewpoint Photographic Art Center, 2015 J Street, Sacramento CA 95811.  


Student Lectures have been cancelled until further notice due COVID-19 concerns.




Thursday, March 19, 2020, 7:00pm- 9:00pm

Description of Lecture

Through the art of photography, images have the power to stimulate learning, awaken understandings and enhance our appreciation. Photography brings unknown worlds and perspectives within sight of the viewer and can inspire care and protection for these worlds. Photographic mages can tell stories, inviting viewers to ponder special places, our activities, or times of importance to us. Overall, photography can significantly add to the quality of our lives.  Capturing pictures has grown exponentially in recent years; everyone is doing it in one way or another. What did you learn in classes; how do you apply and learn more? How do you succeed at business when no one seems to need you and your skill? The answer is uniquely personal and the same as most any successful business. The increased public interest will be your asset. Let’s discuss what we have observed, and find together the steps, motivation and supportive elements that will give you a great start on your way.


Jim Wilson is a professional photographer and Co-owner of Inviting Light Photography®

Jim Wilson headshotPhotography brings unknown worlds and perspectives within sight of the viewer and can inspire deep appreciation for these worlds. For Jim, the making of a photographic image is, at its core, a human endeavor, one that involves creativity and personal involvement by the maker. In addition to being a professional photographer, Jim is a biologist, ecologist, teacher and speaker. As a proud founding member of Viewpoint Photographic Art Center, Jim Wilson advocates for the importance of photography, art and science in our communities. Most recently, he was given the “Best of Photography” Award at the Wild & Scenic Film Festival (January 2018), and a Viewpoint gallery exhibit of his work in February of 2019.

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