Anne Miller: Unexpected Beauty

Anne Miller loves photographing the unexpected beauty waiting to be found in ordinary, everyday things. She is especially drawn to intense color and to the mysterious nature of reflection and transparency. Botanical subjects intrigue her because of their wealth of interesting surfaces and colors, yet she’s also attracted to junk and often finds inspiration at the dump or at sites full of rusty machinery and old buildings. Repeated patterns, reflections, and architectural geometry catch her eye, as well as nearly anything related to nature and agriculture.

Miller says, “I like using the camera to abstract subjects from their familiar settings in order to emphasize the shapes, textures, and patterns that interest me. By exploring only a portion or detail of an object isolated from its usual context, I’m able to see it from a fresh perspective, free from expectations about a subject’s nature or the resulting image. I prefer to work outdoors in natural settings with natural light. I try to stay open to the moment and to discovering whatever presents itself to my imagination and mood. Sometimes I’m amazed by the beauty I find in the everyday world, whenever I take the time to observe it closely and with fresh eyes.”

Born in Los Angeles, Miller moved to a small farm town in rural Iowa at the age of nine. The move sparked a lifelong interest in nature and the elements. Anne went on to study music and art and then to earn her MA in music performance at the University of Iowa. As a photographer, Anne is largely self-taught, having started by learning traditional printing methods in a home darkroom. Although influenced by numerous artists, including Wassily Kandinsky, Georgia O’Keefe, Edward Weston, Imogen Cunningham, and Lee Friedlander, Anne believes that her own imagination and powers of observation are the strongest influences on her work. 


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