Dark on Light: Photographs by Larry Blackwood and Paul Rider

Dark on Light, the January 2011 exhibit at Viewpoint Gallery, is the poetic exploration of two photographers both working in black and white.
Paul Rider’s “Drawn to the Light” images are abstract studies of light and shadow on paper, transformations that are contemplative and calming. The light strikes the curving paper revealing tension on the torn edges and palpable texture. Rider sees these as symbolic of world tension and conflict yet also envisions them as representative of hope and peace.

Rider expands: “The images are abstracts representing the landscape in the area of the world where the conflict is mostly occurring. Using the Eugene Smith’s photograph, “The Walk in Paradise Garden” as inspiration, I am mostly drawing from his idea of the bright light that the children are walking towards as the optimistic future. My imagery is created in a style similar to that of aerial topographic photography. The look of the imagery is created by the use of one main light source that emits the glow of light that is referenced in the Eugene Smith photograph. The glow represents the brightness of a future we are drawn towards, while still being surrounded by an immense darkness, representing the ongoing conflict.”

Larry Blackwood’s “Opus Corvus” is a study of ravens and crows with dark and mysterious overtones. He captivates the viewer with an unspoken narrative of movement, grace, and survival. There are overtones not unlike a gothic novel in this timeless environment and beautiful photographs.

Blackwood writes: “Crows and ravens are both revered and reviled. They are one of the few avian species to thrive in the presence of man, using intelligence and adaptability to survive. Their feats of sometimes ruthless ingenuity, along with their trickster traits in the pursuit of their goals are nearly unprecedented in the animal world. It is perhaps because these traits remind us uncomfortably of ourselves at times that crows and ravens have earned a significant place in art, literature, and religion over the millennia. This collection of photographs portrays my own personal impressions of these ignoble yet sublime birds. Along with their persona, the jet-black color of these birds leads to depictions that are at times dark, nebulous and mysterious but also to startling and iconic graphic images.”


Larry Blackwood: Untitled #1


Larry Blackwood: Untitled #2


Paul Rider: Drawn to the LIght #2


Paul Rider: Drawn to the LIght #14

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