Dianne Poinski and Don Satterlee: Visions of Translucence

Viewpoint Gallery presents the works of local photographers Dianne Poinski and Donald Satterlee in an exhibition titled “Visions of Translucence,” during the month of September.

Translucent: permitting light to pass, but diffusing it so that objects on the opposite side are not clearly visible

Photographers Satterlee and Poinski bring their work together for this exhibit, combining the translucent effects of light as well as a similar vision. While the subject matter of their pictures may differ, it is the quality of subtle tonality, luminosity in nature, texture and simple but striking compositions that pull all the elements together to create an emotional viewing experience.

Satterlee uses the surreal winter fog of the valley to compose images that evoke mystery and mood. Fog creates interesting visual changes to how we see things normally. It diminishes color saturation, tonal range and contrast with horizon lines that disappear, leaving the objects in the foreground isolated and still. “I strive to create what several viewers have described as dreamy and atmospheric imagery that evokes a feeling of familiarity or connection with the viewer,” Satterlee said. Foggy and stormy weather seems to suit my taste for creating interesting photographs. Low contrast seems to work for me much better than full sunlight.

After working almost exclusively with black and white images for several years, Poinski was introduced to the art of hand coloring and found a completely new realm of possibilities. “I soon discovered that the feelings of quiet and solitude I experienced while hand coloring were carrying over into my subject matter.” Her use of translucent pastels applied by hand on her black and white photographs of flowers, suggest simpler times. The mixture of technology and tradition in her work help to create images that allow people to pause and reflect.



Dianne Poinski—Approaching Spring


Dianne Poinski—Hellebore


Don Satterlee—Mystical Archway


Don Satterlee—Peaceful Calm




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