Edifice Europa

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Three photographers created the images for the Edifice Europa exhibition. Linda Fitch, Jodie Hooker, and Steve Nielsony each portray European architecture in a distinctive manner.

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Linda Fitch, a traditional black and white photographer, finds inspiration and satisfaction creating images in her own darkroom.  There, as when she is taking the photograph, she is once again in the dim, meditative light that encourages her to slow down and immerse herself in the creative process. “Photographing primarily at night, I often explore the dark spaces we rarely stop to observe. I work best alone and uninterrupted while making an emotional connection with my surroundings. I prefer to travel abroad, seeking out remote places where time stands still. Often a human presence that is felt but not seen leads me to explore and contemplate the secrets of these locations”.

Jodie Hooker depicts the exterior and interior features of French cathedrals. “As a media, photography is often used for expressing transitions from everyday reality to spirituality”. To capture this she photographed the exterior of French Cathedrals as straight documentary snapshots brought to life through “hand made” gum prints using artist’s papers and watercolor pigments. The interior motion studies are primarily printed in black. Only the light was well represented. Computer imaging techniques reveal interesting visual features. The low-resolution images appear expressive and painterly.

Steve Nieslony’s images of castles, churches and courtyards “off the beaten path” are a deliberate effort to convey the lesser known beauty of village Europe. This photo-venture allowed Steve to photograph with a very clearly defined beginning and end—conditions that do not apply to his other photographic projects. He expressly shot very deliberately with a large format camera using black and white film and to print on silver gelatin paper in order to best capture images that focus on texture and the play of light and shadow.

“Our job is to record each in his own way, this world of light and shadow and time that will never come again exactly as it is today.”
– Edward Abbey –


Linda Fitch - Grand Canal 

Linda Fitch: Grand Canal


Jodie Hooker - Chartres

Jodie Hooker: Chartres


Steve Nieslony: Chateau de Peyrepertus

Steve Nieslony: Chateau de Peyrepertus


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