John Hennessy—Essential Aspects

Exhibit Dates: 
Wednesday, Jan. 7 to Saturday, Feb. 7
Artist Reception: 
Friday, Jan. 9 5:30 pm to 9:00 pm
2nd Saturday Opening: 
Saturday, Jan. 10 5:30 pm to 9:00 pm

Photographs by John Hennessy will be exhibited in the Main Gallery at Viewpoint Photographic Art Center in January, in an exhibition titled Essential Aspects.  This is an exhibit of  two themes: “Time & Tideˮ and “Architectural Aspects.ˮ Usually John’s themes are architecture or the landscape, though the actual subject is interesting to him only if it can be taken apart and put back together is some other way. Showing a man-made object or a natural scene correctly or completely is not as interesting to him as using a subject’s structure, texture, and space to make a new thing out of it or to emphasize one or two crucial elements.

Begun in 2010, the “Time & Tide” photographs attempt to transform immovable objects, like boulders, and the inconstant sea into something ephemeral, but captured. These photographs are from all times of day or night, in quiet light or moonlight. Exposure times are from several minutes to half an hour. Technical and aesthetic results are unpredictable and success is uncertain. Pre-visualization is only a fond hope. The second theme, “Architectural Aspects,ˮ is only a bit more tangible. "Sometimes, the ostensible subject can be left unidentified if the light plays its role well," says John. "Light after all is permanent, but the things it falls on may not be."

John Hennessy first became interested in photography in the 1960s while in Europe. He started with 35mm and worked his way to larger formats over time. John received a BA in Fine Art from the University of New Mexico in 1971; photography was his principal medium. "I have used about every size and shape of camera and type of film at one time or another. Until about five years ago I used 4x5 equipment, mainly with black and white film developed in pyrogallol. Then I shifted slowly into color sheet film and lately an entirely digital process."


John Hennessy – Stack in Fog 6:10 am


John Hennessy – Ebb Tide 1:20 am


John Hennessy – Bandon Beach


John Hennessy – Casa Batlló Passage


John Hennessy – Hotel Meade


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