Photographs from Gladding McBean – A Juried Exhibit

The Gladding McBean ceramic factory in Lincoln, California, is a living museum of architectural ornamentation from the last century and a quarter, sitting as silent witness while the factory continues to produce exterior cladding and decoration for new and old buildings using the same techniques employed here more than 100 years ago. A walk through the pottery is truly a journey into the past.

Since 1996, Gladding McBean has played host to one of the country’s most popular photographic workshops for the non-beginner photographer. The Gladding McBean Photography Workshop provides, more than anything else, access to one of the most visually interesting and historically rich buildings in the entire West. From its massive beehive kilns, in which huge sewer pipes are fired, to the small clay figures in the old modeling studio, the pottery provides a never-ending supply of compelling subjects and extraordinary light. Since before the turn of the 20th century, when photography was used as an integral partner in the process of manufacturing architectural terra cotta, informative and magical images have flowed from these buildings.

This exhibit is a juried selection of images by many different photographers celebrating this unique 14-year partnership between Viewpoint Photographic Art Center and Gladding McBean.


1st Place Award: Gary McLaughlin, Bondage


2nd Place Award: Gordon Hutchings, Broken Vase


3rd Place Award: Joy Nieslony, Triangles

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