Pursuers of eXcellence: Selected Works from the Curators at 1X

In March 2012, Viewpoint Photographic Art Center is presenting something different. An internationally supported photography website will be featured, presenting the works by 15 photographers who serve or have served as gatekeepers for the vast collaboration known as 1X.

1X (1x.com) is an online photo gallery and social network. 1X differs from most other photo sites in that every photo displayed has been handpicked by a group of curators. The images on display at the Viewpoint Gallery during the month of March are selected works of past and present curators, including Viewpoint member Jerry Berry.

Only through the Internet could a group of photographers from different regions of the world get together and collaborate, become friends and curate world images for a site such as 1x.com. Jacob Jovelou and Ralf Stelander, from Uppsala, Sweden, have brought together these photographers by inviting them to evaluate images to publish on the front page of their website, 1X. With the basic premise of the site’s mission, Searching for the Sublime, these passionate photographers bring their varied viewpoints and often conflicting opinions to discussions on the relative strengths and weaknesses of each individual photograph submitted for publication on 1X.

The curators are from various countries around the world: Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, the USA, the UK, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, Portugal and France. They come from a variety of occupations: art director, pharmacist, software engineer, bookstore owner, mountaineer, student, surgeon, homemaker. Their works are quite different in style: black and white, color, surrealism, the nude, documentary, photo-impressionism and architectural. What they all have in common is an immense love of photography and the skill to translate that love into beautifully crafted images.


Eye of the Eagle — Jerry Berry (Meadow Vista, California)


The Mountain — Alexandre Buisse (French living in Copenhagen, Denmark)


Dreamer — Ben Goossens  (Belgium)


Poppy Sunset — Thomas Ljungberg (Stockholm, Sweden)


Hidden — Dave Nitsche (Chicago)


Road to Nowhere — Petra Oldeman  (Dutch living in York, UK)


Once Upon a Time — Mal Smart (York, UK)



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