Rhonda Campbell: What’s Real? – Mannequins of the World

In November, Viewpoint’s Step Up Gallery features Rhonda Campbell’s exhibit exploring the cultural and psychological aspects of our ubiquitous doppelgangers from the retail environment: mannequins.

Campbell relates that this series began “with a simple photograph I took (and not a very good photograph at that),” a photograph that led her to understand that what she was photographing in storefront windows was “more than just mannequins; they’re life as we wish it to be.” She began looking closely at mannequins in her travels. “The more I looked, the more I found.” She found questions: “Does life reflect the mannequins or do they reflect life? Do they mock us or set standards?” And she found insights: “People are the same the world over. We all have the same dreams of glamor, sophistication, confidence, humor, and purpose. Mannequins give us that freedom to dream, if only for a few seconds.”

Campbell has had a long and varied career as an artist and teacher. Originally studying as a painter, she has “worked in almost every 2D medium,” but found the way to combine her artistic passions in the late 1980s when photography met computers in “the digital world of electronic brushes.”

Currently, Rhonda Campbell resides in Lincoln, and exhibits frequently in local venues and beyond. A range of her work can be viewed on her website, irhonda.zenfolio.com.


Rhonda Campbell, Smoking at Chanel's


Rhonda Campbell, Library Study


Rhonda Campbell, Posing


Rhonda Campbell, Twins



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