Roberta Bailey — Imperfect Perfection: Floral Portraits

Exhibit Dates: 
Wednesday, Nov. 11 to Saturday, Dec. 5
Artist Reception: 
Friday, Nov. 13 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm
2nd Saturday Opening: 
Saturday, Nov. 14 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Roberta Bailey's Imperfect Perfection: Floral Portraits celebrates Nature’s lifecycle. For her, "they capture the evolution of flowers from buds into mature blossoms and flowers past their prime and that I have dried. I strive to highlight their unique beauty at each stage."

After being intrigued with floral portraits created by an enlarger, Roberta came up with the idea of using her flatbed scanner for a similar look. "At the time, I knew of no one who was using a scanner to capture fine art digital photos, so I had to develop my own process through trial and error." Scanners have a very high resolution because they are engineered to enlarge slides and negatives with exceptional detail so they are well suited for close-up images.

When even using the same floral subject she can create vastly different images just by experimenting. "I am never sure of what will appear.... it is frustrating and exhilarating." She says, "I am surprised that I love some of the images that I have been creating, as they are not what I thought I liked, or I would have thought them weird. My evolving artistic vision and acceptance is exciting."

Her first step is creating a floral composition on her scanner bed. Then she experiments: adjusting the composition, using other botanical elements, lighting, and backgrounds. As an example, backlighting can illuminate transparent petals and unexpected colors. She makes many pre-scans before scanning. After she has made multiple scans, she finalizes her choices in Photoshop. "This work makes my heart sing."

Photography and scanning have been Roberta Bailey's creative expression for several years. Previously she painted, drew, and worked as an advertising and graphic designer. These vocations require similar visions and skills, which, for her, have built on each other.

As an art director, she created advertising concepts and visuals, hired and directed artists and photographers for advertising agencies such as Young & Rubican in New York and San Francisco, and Warner Brothers and Erwin Wasey in Los Angeles. She is a charter member of Viewpoint and has served on the Board of Directors.

See more of Roberta's work on her website at


Roberta Bailey, Roses


Roberta Bailey, Spider Lily


Roberta Bailey, Amber Still Life


Roberta Bailey, Lisianthus



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