With each snap of the shutter Larry Brenden allows the world to see his love of nature and the natural world. Larry works to promote emotion in his photographic work...wonder, love, pain, peace and joy. Larry also brings a sense of adventure to his photographs by not documenting iconic sites but by allowing color and light guide him to photographs off the beaten track. “Finding the Spirit” was born from his sense of adventure and the draw of wild places. This series has been created using two types of photographic style; the more traditional style of landscape photography which utilizes a camera on a tripod with tack sharp precision, and a non-traditional style that involves movement of the camera in brush type strokes much like a painter with a canvas.

With today’s world of a constant cacophony of confusing stimulation, Larry finds harmony and peace visiting untamed locations.  The process of finding photographs can be spiritual or meditative with a “letting go” and surrendering to his surroundings. He many times finds his best photographs by becoming one with the energy of wild places.  Being drawn to the quality of light and color, Larry allows the composition to unfold and lets the spirit of his surroundings and his love of nature create the composition.  “Finding the Spirit” images have been captured in such faraway places as Iceland or New Zealand and locally such as literally in his back yard in Lincoln, California.






Tranquility, by Kellie KleinMeditations on Water, is a series of digital color photographs that investigate bodies of water as a metaphor for human emotions.  The work is a study of the universal temperament of water, and the environmental effects of light, color, and perception. Kellie Klein’s photographs investigate the visceral and meditative facets of water, by examining the serene, turbulent, and dynamic characteristics of lakes, rivers, and seas, with the majority of the work focused on Lake Michigan.

Whether a lake, an ocean, or the clouds in the sky, water is presented as a metaphor for human disposition.  Just as the Gales of November affect the Great Lakes, Klein’s photographs remind us that individuals undergo equally tempestuous experiences.   Throughout the work, water is conveyed as something that is as yielding, as restless, or as tranquil as the human mind.  To emphasize the emotional qualities in the photographs, Klein presents us with long exposures and minimalist points of view.  The sky, the quality of light, and clouds amplify the atmosphere, offering viewers a timeless moment of inner reflection.




From June of 1859, when Charles Leander Weed exposed the first photograph ever made in Yosemite Valley; through Carleton Watkins, Eadweard Muybridge, and other early practitioners; to Ansel Adams’ “century” with all its followers — John Sexton, Alan Ross, et al — to the humor and magic of Ted Orland and Jerry Uelsmann; followed by, but certainly not ending with, the color photographs by Charles Cramer, William Neill, and the rest of you; Yosemite has probably been the subject of more fine pictures than just about any place on earth (with apologies for the exaggeration). Together, these images have recreated moods, realities, and magical experiences for more than 150 years.

To celebrate this photographic legacy, Viewpoint Photographic Art Center will host a major photographic exhibit in April 2019. Entitled Yosemite: Grand Gesture of the Range of Light, the exhibit will feature a juried selection of photographs made within the boundaries or spiritual reaches of Yosemite National Park.

The exhibit is open to all photographers and all photographic techniques. If you have made photographs in or around Yosemite, Viewpoint encourages you to submit your favorite images.

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