Jane Olin’s childhood years were spent in Steilacoom, a tranquil village overlooking Puget Sound in Washington State. Her introduction to photography came in high school where she fell in love with the darkroom experience. To her regret, she did not pursue an arts education and it was many years before she rediscovered her passion for photography. During the interval, she traveled widely for business. Japan, of all countries she visited, had the most profound impact, and its aesthetics and its Zen Buddhism resonated deeply with her.

The cultural emphasis on beauty found in nature, and in simplicity, in the imperfect, the transient, and the values of grace and subtlety suited her own. She maintains a mindfulness practice today, and present moment awareness is imbedded in her photographic process.

Like the Surrealists before her, Olin has a deep respect for the fortunes of chance.  So when a strong impulse to photograph an ordinary scene of dried plants falling against a wall came over her, she followed her intuition. The resulting images became the genesis of her new series, On the Edge of Chance.

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Jerry Berry’s inspiration for these images comes from his interest in Zen, Asian culture, and painting.  Koi have been an inspiration for artists for millennia; especially in the Asian traditions. The beauty of color, form, and movement of these fish bring much joy to the viewer. Berry’s interpretations of Koi have been developed based on his growth as a photographer and artist.  He says that “as photographers we are taught that our camera is the perfect tool to capture the ‘defining moment’ and is unequaled at reproducing finely focused images of sharpness and detail. We subsequently strive to perfect our craft with this in mind.”

He feels that the story of time and motion could be lost if the photographer freezes an image defining that moment. The spontaneity of movement and life can be lost when it is defined as an instant of time by the fast shutter speed of a camera. By allowing his camera to capture a longer portion of time/life and letting the koi become his brush stroking the canvas of his camera sensor; he blends the strengths of photographic art with those of a painter. Alan Watts in The Way of Zen, best describes Berry’s approach to his subjects as he describes Zen in the following passage: “…for Zen there is no duality, no conflict between the natural element of chance and the human element of control.”

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What happens to us when we travel?  If we are lucky, we become transformed.  We do this by leaving the comfort of our home and making ourselves available to unfamiliar cultures and amazing new landscapes.  The adventure and the challenge of putting ourselves, however temporary, in another place or way of being, can transform any person who makes themselves available to such opportunities.  It can often invigorate our own way of seeing just how wonderful, precious and often times sad, life can really be.

Anna Skacel writes: “As a photographer, I am interested in expanding my horizons on this level.  There are few things more gratifying than stripping away the expectations of the day and replacing them with the unknown experiences of being immersed in another society’s existence… As a photographer, and fellow human being of planet Earth, I feel that if I can help to open up people’s eyes and minds to the amazing and different things that surround us, then I have managed to do some good in this world.  If I can pique the interest of the viewer as to what is happening in other cultures, and as a result, influence them is seeing the world as one diverse but amazing planet, then I have had a good day!

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Call for Entries—Picturing the Parkway: Celebrating the American River Parkway in Photographs

ENTRY PERIOD: June 1 through July 29, 2017

EXHIBIT DATES: September 7 through October 7, 2017

Viewpoint announced this open exhibition a year in advance to encourage all interested photographers to explore the richness of the American River Parkway in all seasons and weathers. The time to submit your entries is now here!

Considered the blueprint for urban parks across the U.S., the 4,900-acre American River Parkway extends along the Lower American River for 23 miles, from Folsom Dam to Discovery Park at the confluence with the Sacramento River. Combining conservation with scenic beauty, abundant wildlife, and a wide range of recreational opportunities, the Parkway hosts more than 5 million visitors annually. The Parkway also provides a wealth of photographic opportunities in all seasons of the year.

To celebrate this "jewel of the Sacramento region", Viewpoint Photographic Art Center is planning a major photographic exhibit in the autumn of 2017. Entitled Picturing the Parkway: Celebrating the American River Parkway in Photographs, the exhibit will feature a juried selection of photographs made within the American River Parkway. The exhibit is open to all photographers and all photographic techniques.

The Entry Period is now open!

Details are on the Call For Entries page.



Call for Proposals—Solo and Group Exhibits in 2018

ENTRY PERIOD: Now through August 5, 2017

Viewpoint Photographic Art Center is now accepting proposals for solo and group exhibitions for January–December, 2018. Exhibits in the Main Gallery will generally run for a 4 week period, but may be longer. Exhibits in the Step Up Gallery, which is reserved for members of Viewpoint only (you must be a current member to submit a proposal), will also run for approximately four weeks. Exhibits run concurrently in both galleries, with new exhibits opening during the second week of each month.

Please visit the Call for Proposals page for additional information and then log in to EntryThingy for complete details and forms for uploading your images and other information. All proposals must be made using EntryThingy online submissions. The deadline for submissions is Saturday, August 5, 2017.

We look forward to seeing your submissions!

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