Call for Entries—Twelve: Photoshopped!

The theme for Viewpoint’s annual juried exhibit "TWELVE" this coming December is "Photoshopped!". The digital photographic revolution leaped forward with the introduction of Adobe Photoshop twenty-five years ago. Today Photoshop is the essential tool in digital darkrooms around the world. Almost every image in print, on the web or in galleries is edited in Photoshop or Photoshop Lightroom. The edits range from rudimentary cropping, spotting, sizing, increases in contrast and sharpening to sophisticated restoration and retouching, high dynamic range processing, and elaborate collages.

TWELVE: Photoshopped! invites submissions that have been processed in Photoshop or Photoshop Lightroom. Any subject and photographic approach is invited: portraits, landscapes, abstractions, macro; restoration to documentary, astrophotography to underwater, still life to street life, photojournalism to photomontage. The single limitation for submissions: all images must be edited in Photoshop, Photoshop Elements or Photoshop Lightroom. The deadline for on-line submissions is October 21, 2015!




Byron Wolfe: Ishi and the River of Time

In the Main Gallery, October 7 – November 7 2015

In the Main gallery in October, Viewpoint Photographic Art Center presents Ishi and the River of Time, photographs by Byron Wolfe. In an extraordinary set of large-scale composite photographs, Wolfe investigates the appearance of Ishi, the legendary Yahi Indian who emerged from the wilderness near Oroville, California August 28, 1911 — marking the final days of “stone age” California. Wolfe’s photographic composites explore this significant anthropological event in California’s cultural history. Drawing upon archival photographs and contemporary views of historical sites, Wolfe reconstructs the memory and traces of Ishi in time.  Using the power of digital photography, Wolfe enlivens and finesses Northern California history and the Ishi story that has been slowly transformed from “America’s last wild Indian” to America’s most misunderstood Indian.




Student Exhibit—Exploring Art in Public Spaces

In the Step Up Gallery, October 7 – October 7, 2015

The October exhibit in the Step Up Gallery will feature the work of Viewpoint student photographers.  Working in partnership with the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission (SMAC), Viewpoint Photographic Art Center has challenged students of photography to explore and photograph Sacramento’s public art.  The result is a series of images, which capture Sacramento’s public art in both playful and dramatic compositions utilizing a variety of techniques and styles. In addition to student’s images, the exhibit will include information on Sacramento’s extensive public art collection as well as personal statements by each of the exhibiting artists.


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