Claude Duplat has been a photographer all of his life. He owned The Black and White Photo Lab in Sacramento for twenty-five years (1979-2004). During that time, he had many photography shows. Always pushing limits with his photography, manipulating his photos with an artistic eye. After years of owning The Black and White Photo Lab and his own studio he experienced burnout and stepped away from photographic projects. However, in retirement he found his way back to his passion and love for photography.





Sophia, by Michel RadinMichael Radin grew up in Los Angeles. As a teenager he became interested in photography. His first teacher was the family’s professional photographer. He went on to get his Master of Fine Arts from UCDavis in the 70s and studied with Robert Frank, Bob Arneson, Wayne Thiebaud, and Harvey Himelfarb. Other influences on Michael’s work include Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, and Moholy-Nagy.

Michael’s process is to play with the camera until some idea intrigues him enough that he embarks on a project that may last for many years. His work reflects his fascination with images that bend reality and challenge the way we have traditionally looked at things.

His work has been shown in various galleries, both nationally and internationally, and it was published in the 100th Anniversary issue of Lenswork. Robert Frank included Michael in his 1996 book Thank You.

After a many years traveling the US as a programming consultant, Michael came back to Davis and is involved in the local art community.





When Laszlo Bencze’s brother-in-law, George, was a kid in New Hampshire his father, fed up with life, would threaten the family by saying, “I’m going to Roseville.” Everyone understood Roseville, California as the end of the line, as far away as you could get. Those words always scared little George.

In 2010 Bencze moved to Roseville. He looked around and noticed that other than the giant Union Pacific rail yard, it was not much different from the little Ohio town where he had grown up. There were old buildings in the tiny downtown area around which circled neighborhoods dating from early to mid 20th century. As a teenager Bencze had photographed his hometown and exhibited the results in the local library. He decided to do the same for Roseville.




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