Lloyd Fergus, who recently passed away at the age of 99, was one of the Founding Members of Viewpoint Gallery.  Over many years, Lloyd dedicated thousands of hours of his time as a docent at the Gallery. When Viewpoint was located in the Sacramento Museum and Archives Collection Center (SAMCC, Viewpoint’s “rent” was paid by its members working on projects for SAMCC. No one paid more rent for Viewpoint than Lloyd.  In recognition of his service to Viewpoint, Lloyd was later designated an Honorary Life Member by the Viewpoint Board.

Lloyd’s images typically came from his travels in the western United States and Canada.  He worked in all formats from 35mm to 8” x 10”, and typically printed in black and white with selenium toner to finish each piece.

"When working in the field I have no preconceived idea of what to photograph," he said. "I do not work to make a series, or a theme-connected group. Each photograph must be able to stand by itself and be complete.”





Walking and Searching, by Jim Wilson

Svalbard, Norway is a small, remote island group north of the Arctic Circle. It is one of the coldest, wildest and most pristine places remaining on the planet for life to call home. Yet today, as local ecotourism is escalating, its climate is rapidly deteriorating due to global climate change. This collection of images tells a pictorial story of love and pending loss. Svalbard is an experience in contrasting realities of simplicity, complexity, active geology, life’s challenges and primitive beauty captured within these unique photographs, that are rich with depth, information and meaning. Photography has the power to bring unknown worlds within reach of the viewer, and by doing so inspire care and protection for far away places such as this unique, frozen world, and for those places closer to home. Jim Wilson’s images and perspectives help us to explore both our world and our role within Earth’s shared surroundings.




From June of 1859, when Charles Leander Weed exposed the first photograph ever made in Yosemite Valley; through Carleton Watkins, Eadweard Muybridge, and other early practitioners; to Ansel Adams’ “century” with all its followers — John Sexton, Alan Ross, et al — to the humor and magic of Ted Orland and Jerry Uelsmann; followed by, but certainly not ending with, the color photographs by Charles Cramer, William Neill, and the rest of you; Yosemite has probably been the subject of more fine pictures than just about any place on earth (with apologies for the exaggeration). Together, these images have recreated moods, realities, and magical experiences for more than 150 years.

To celebrate this photographic legacy, Viewpoint Photographic Art Center will host a major photographic exhibit in April 2019. Entitled Yosemite: Grand Gesture of the Range of Light, the exhibit will feature a juried selection of photographs made within the boundaries or spiritual reaches of Yosemite National Park.

The exhibit is open to all photographers and all photographic techniques. If you have made photographs in or around Yosemite, Viewpoint encourages you to submit your favorite images.

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