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Online entry registration begins June 3 through June 27. The delivery of prints to the gallery for the exhibit is June 16 to June 27 during gallery hours.

Each year Viewpoint Photographic Art Center celebrates the outstanding artistic talents and creativity of its members by hosting an annual Members' Exhibit.  All current Viewpoint members are invited to submit one of their photographs for display. New work that has not been displayed previously at Viewpoint or other galleries is preferred. Submissions are not limited to a particular theme or form of photography. The exhibit will showcase the wide variety of photographic interests among the members.

Submission is limited to one print per member. Exhibition display space in the Step Up and Main Galleries is limited; therefore, only the first 100 entries will be accepted. A member may be placed on a waiting list for entries submitted after the maximum number of entry registrations and photographs have been accepted. Online registration for photographic entries begins June 3 through EntryThingy. The submission period of prints for the Members’ Exhibit, 2020 is from Tuesday, June 16 to Saturday, June 27, 2020 during gallery hours.

The entry fee for the Members Show is $25.00. The fee is due with the EntryThingy print registration.

EXHIBIT DETAILS: Viewpoint anticipates having its grand reopening with the Members’ Exhibit, which will run from July 7th through August 1. In light of the changing protocol for businesses and public gatherings, we will provide an update regarding the Artist's Reception as we draw closer to the opening date.

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OVERVIEW: Throughout its history, picture making technology has made photographic equipment increasingly faster, smaller, lighter and more portable. But no picture technology can compare to the cultural impact of the smartphone placing a camera in the hands of people all over the world.

For this juried competition, over 70 photographers from six states submitted their cell phone creations for Phoneography: Beyond the Selfie. Juror Betty Sederquist reviewed over 300 images to select a diverse exhibit that will  entertain, amuse, impress, and inspire viewers with the artistry of the phoneographers.

1st Place: Mule Drivers Carry Supplies, Anita Rama
2nd Place: X Marks a Great Photo Spot,  Hayata Takeshita
3rd Place: Fisherman at Dusk,  Victoria Ruderman
Honorable Mention: Enter,  Greg DeLory
Honorable Mention: Blossoms, David Ruderman
Honorable Mention: Phantom Bell of St. Francis, David Ruderman

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Image Credit: Victoria Ruderman






Marco Pinter’s work explores the underlying mechanisms of perception, creating situations of conflict between our higher level consciousness and lower level perception. He typically uses materials that explore a fusion of physical movement with visualizations in the virtual world. He finds inspiration in dance and sculpture, but also in cognitive psychology, neuroscience and mathematics.

In installation form, Mr. Pinter works with robotic sculpture and computer graphic forms. At the same time, he pursues similar themes in performance through the use of dancers, sensors and projected forms. This process becomes cyclical, wherein his observations of public participants with an installation, on the one hand, and his experience with performers and audience, on the other, create a feedback loop of cross-influence in his ongoing exploration.

With his work, through a dialog between dynamic material forms (live participants and/or sculpture) and virtual forms (e. g. via screens and projections), he seeks to challenge our cognitive perceptions of what is real and what is imagined. Ideally, this may inspire a viewer to reflect on the illusory realities which our senses create, and how those constructs impact perception and behavior.

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Friday, June 12, 2020 - 6:00pm to 8:30pm
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