Water: Seen and Unseen, Photographs by Chris Schiller

Chris Schiller has been photographing the American West for over 20 years.  He seeks out places and views rarely or never photographed before. He uses his camera as another way to explore the places he visits, bringing his images a sense of discovery and delight. In this exhibit of superbly crafted images, Chris Schiller looks at the movement of water in all of its manifestations, both in the present and the past.

“Through the medium of photography,” Schiller says,  “water can be captured in its continuous movement. It can also be captured in its absence. The evidence in both cases is just as obvious. We know water when we see it, of course, but we also recognize those places where water was, and where it will flow again. If we pause and look closely, the landscape and the water become partners in a dance, a pair matched and moving together.”

The writer Barry Lopez has said: "The desire I experience most keenly when I travel in landscapes is for intimacy with the land. I have learned that I will not experience the exhilaration intimacy brings unless I become vulnerable to the place. The practice I strive for when I travel is to meet the land as if it were a person. To encounter it as if it were as deep in its meaning as human personality -- I wait for it to speak."

 The land, and its dancing partner, speak to Chris in a similar way, and he strives to capture its voice through his photographs.

Hanging Branch, Lassen


  Southern Utah


Death Hollow II
Southern Utah


Ocean's Motion






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