John Wimberley: Evidence of Magic

Hidden in remote areas of Nevada and adjacent states are beautiful rock engravings known as petroglyphs. They record the visions and dreams of ancient Native Americans. Many are thousands of years old, and most are completely unknown to the public; their existence has been kept secret to protect them from vandalism.

World renowned photographer John Wimberley spent ten years searching for these fragile, irreplaceable cultural treasures. During this time he visited more than 100 sites and exposed 5000 large format negatives. His stunning black and white photographs reveal the beauty and profound sacredness of shamanic images in stone.

During the Members and Friends Reception on Friday, October 9 (5:30 pm-9:30 pm), John will present a short discussion/presentation about his work (at 7:00 pm) and will sign copies of his new book, also titled Evidence of Magic (at 7:30 pm).

Crystal Springs #1131, 2003

Lone Grave Butte #284, 2006

Bitter Ridge #104, 2005

Bitter Ridge #7, 2002


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