Dan Herrera: Vaudeville and Gary Shallcross: Glass Works


Viewpoint Gallery presents two exhibits in the Main Gallery during the month of August: Vaudeville by Dan Herrera, and Glass Works by Gary Shallcross.

In Vaudeville, Dan Herrera’s stated purpose is to create “beautiful images that engage us in mysterious narratives, at once futuristic and nostalgic.” The series combines Herrera’s childhood love of building dioramas with his fascination with contemporary science fiction. Herrera initiates each image by constructing a miniature set of found objects. “Through a series of laborious and anachronistic processes,” Herrera says, he “combines photographs of these carefully lighted sets with digital images of people and life-size props.” He uses 19th-century printing techniques in the final development steps, adding gestural effects that enrich his explorations of distinctions between photographic realism and painterly illusion.

Dan Herrera is a professional photographic artist and graphic artist with studio locations in Sacramento and New York City. He wields an extensive vocabulary of photographic process that merges 19th-century photography with contemporary digital imaging. His work has won awards in the annual Tech Art show held in Massachusetts, and is most recently featured on the cover of the book No Alternatives: Contemporary Handcrafted Photographs. He is an actively-showing young artist whose exhibition record includes shows in New York, Los Angeles, and numerous Bay Area venues including the de Young Museum in San Francisco. Hererra currently teaches art and design at American River College and The Art Institute of California, Sacramento, specializing in alternative process photography, and advanced image manipulation.

Herrera’s website is www.danherrerastudio.com.

In Glass Works, Gary Shallcross has photographed common pieces of glassware so that “the beauty of the shapes of these ordinary objects is amplified through the refractory characteristics of the glass that can only be realized through the photographic medium. The light source not only illuminates the glass but becomes subject matter itself.”

“Taking the objects out of their usual context and stripping them to their minimal shapes and colors,” Shallcross states, “allows the objects to transcend their everydayness. Photographing the objects alone, in an aggrandizing and formal manner, forces the viewer to consider the inherent beauty of the subject, as well as each object’s hidden aesthetic potential as it relates to variations of light and dark.”

“The reliance on the photographic process to create a visual effect that only exists through that process makes the photograph itself the object of interest, as opposed to being a photograph of an object of interest.” Printing on aluminum heightens the sense of photograph-as-object, as the viewer is confronted by the aluminum surface which can be seen through the image.

Gary Shallcross is a life-long artist who was introduced to photography in 2000 and has been working in the medium ever since. Previously, he focused on cartoons in the 1970s and ‘80s (developing the popular character Donna Louise and a weekly cartoon in the Carmel Pine Cone called Lighthouse Avenue, and on painting in the early 1990s. Since 2004, Shallcross’s photographs have appeared in several exhibits in California, including An Unexpected Aesthetic at the Center for Photographic Art in Carmel this past spring.

A California native, Shallcross moved from the Monterey Bay to Santa Fe, New Mexico, earlier this year. His website is www.garyshallcross.com.




Dan Herrera: Carapace



Dan Herrera: Continuity



Dan Herrera: Dance of Cthulhu's Daughter




Gary Shallcross: Glass Work 25


Gary Shallcross: Glass Work 3


Gary Shallcross: Glass Work 31



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