Day to Night—Photographs by Jennifer Wu

In its main gallery in May, Viewpoint Photographic Art Center presents Day to Night, a collection of images by Jennifer Wu, made between dusk and dawn, during the hours when many photographers have set their cameras aside.

“I found great joy the night I discovered that the camera sees more than our eyes can see,” says Jennifer, an accomplished landscape and nature photographer. She found that the kinds of exposures needed for moonlit or starlit landscapes showed many more stars in the sky than she saw with the naked eye. Experimenting with the low-light capabilities of current high-end digital cameras, she developed techniques to maximize the detail in the sky and the landscape while portraying the stars as points of light rather than as the ‘star trail’ lines characteristic of the long exposures needed when photographing the same types of scenes with film cameras.

“The Milky Way looks like a band of light” to the human eye, Jennifer explains; “yet the camera sees the dust and gasses, revealing its beauty through a different kind of lens than our own. When night falls, darkness cloaks the landscape in mystery but opens a view to our place in the Universe, a sky dusted with stars.”

In addition to night sky images made “when the stars of our galaxy, just one spiral in a trillion, twinkled against the profound darkness of space,” Day to Night includes dramatic fire-at-night images of Hawaiian volcanoes, eerie aurora images from the Arctic, and images captured near dawn or dusk “when the world is transformed”.

Jennifer Wu grew up in Davis, received a BA in Photography from California State University, Sacramento, and currently makes Sacramento her home base between adventures. Named a Canon ‘Explorer of Light’ for her night sky photography, she shares her enthusiasm and passion for nature photography in lectures and workshops for Canon. Her photographs have appeared in Canon marketing materials as well as in numerous magazines and books. She leads workshops to exceptional photographic locales worldwide, including Namibia, Death Valley, Yosemite, Montana, Hawaii, Alaska, and Iceland.

Jennifer’s images and photographic activities are presented online at



Jennifer Wu, Iceberg on Black Sand Beach


Jennifer Wu, Brilliant Fire


Jennifer Wu, Bristlecone Pine Tree and Clouds




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