FEMME—Photographs by Holly Renfro, Tracy Hymas, and Sylvia Gowrie

Exhibit Dates: 
Monday, Jun. 9 to Friday, Jul. 4
Artist Reception: 
Friday, Jun. 13 4:30 pm to 8:00 pm
2nd Saturday Opening: 
Saturday, Jun. 14 4:30 pm to 8:00 pm

In June, Viewpoint Photographic Art Center is pleased to present FEMME, an exhibit of photographs by Holly Renfro, Tracy Hymas, and Sylvia Gowrie. Their work explores the idea of what it is to be a woman through fantastical and surreal photographs.

Holly Renfro explains, “I was 25, married and thinking I had my life in order. I planned this series to be last my last hooray, as a child was supposed to be next. As much as I was trying to narrate my portraits, the series in the end told a different story. It showed me that the life I thought I wanted was not the life that I was living. It took my 4x5 to realize my own view was upside down and backwards. I feel sorry for the girl in the beginning few photographs and by the end I am proud to say it’s me.”

Tracy Hymas states, “Self discovery and exploration is the driving force behind my images. Having spent many years in a uniform conforming to a regimented lifestyle, I lost sight of what it was to be a woman. Through this body of work I have truly rediscovered what it means for me to be feminine again.”

As a makeup artist, Sylvia Gowrie employed makeup as her medium and creative outlet for a number of years.”In the art of makeup application, the careful study of light and the strategic use and placement of color are used to bring forth or recede certain features. These practices are reminiscent of the use of light and shadows in photography, and so the transition to photography for me has been an almost natural process. My background in makeup and hair design, along with an interest in fashion and fine art, influence and inspire my portraiture. In this series of images, my goal was to create a mystical or dream-like story. I designed, assembled and styled the costuming, applied the makeup, and created the textures and backgrounds.”


Holly Renfro, untitled


Sylvia Gowrie, untitled

Tracy Hymas, Wind for Sails



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