Roxanne Bull: The Spirit of Women Warriors

Exhibit Dates: 
Tuesday, Oct. 4 to Friday, Nov. 4
Artist Reception: 
Friday, Oct. 7 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm
2nd Saturday Opening: 
Saturday, Oct. 8 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Probably for the majority of people the word warrior evokes images of the male gender. Yet throughout history women have been thrust into positions of leadership and conflict, rising to the challenge, either alongside men as equals, or in many cases, even better than their male counterparts. Generally it has been men who have written the histories of the world. The heroic actions of women, with rare exceptions, have been inadvertently or intentionally omitted or diminished.

This photographic project seeks to remind all of us that what makes a warrior is inner spirit and strength, not outward gender. Rocky Bull’s subjects are not new heroes, but instead individuals from history who deserve to be recognized alongside and with the same reverence as their male counterparts.  “The photographs of the women that I have chosen are not meant to be imitation portraits of the real persons involved as the actual figures are long deceased. Rather, my work is intended to invoke the collective as well as the unique aspects of the warrior spirit of each of the women shown.”

Today we are at a remarkable place in time. We recognize that it is not only the men of history who have made the world what it is but also the women of history. Unfortunately many women deserving of the hero status given to historic male figures may be lost to us forever. There are many courageous women throughout society resembling those in my photographs. “During my lifetime,” says Rocky, “women have risen from a norm of housewives, teachers, secretaries, and nurses to regularly occupying the most powerful positions of art, industry, law and government. As long as women believe in themselves and possess the spirit of a warrior anything can be accomplished.”

“The battles that have been fought in the past have not put an end to the struggle of women worldwide. Just as the diminishing of a one person's human rights diminishes those rights for all of us, then diminishing a single woman's accomplishments, diminishes the accomplishments of all women. There are woman all over the world today fighting battles. Battles for equality with men. Battles for equal pay for equal work. Battles to protect and provide for their children. Battles against domestic violence. Battles against sexual enslavement.”

“While we have gained much there is still much more to do. What would it take in a world where many have so much for you to rise up and fight for those that may not been given the same advantages that you have. The easy path is to let others take action. Others take action with the inner spirit of a warrior. It remains to be seen who will be our modern day women warriors. When someone diminishes the rights of another human being, another woman, will you rise up?”


Roxanne Bull — Ahhotep


Roxanne Bull — Lady Thieuvp


Roxanne Bull — Ahhotep


Roxanne Bull — Adelia



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