Douglas Vincent: Icons of Architecture

Exhibit Dates: 
Tuesday, Jun. 5 to Saturday, Jul. 7
Artist Reception: 
Friday, Jun. 8 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm
2nd Saturday Opening: 
Saturday, Jun. 9 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm


Douglas Vincent works to convey fleeting moments that resonate as metaphors for guiding his life — subtlety, simplicity, the sublime.  The canvas of his inspiration is the American West, its brush strokes of wilderness and agriculture. He values intimacy of place, returning frequently to locations where time and communion have deepened his understanding of both place and self.

Douglas has disciplined himself to explore without a camera. The ability to see photographs is a mysterious balance of curiosity, receptivity, and experience. The acuteness of his receptivity, a discipline of letting go, can often be elusive and frustrating.  The process is a meditation, a "non-effort" in becoming fully present and immersed in his surroundings. When inspiration is found, it necessitates careful consideration of subject and light. Returning, under optimal conditions, to make the intended photograph can take minutes, a day, sometimes years. Or not at all. While intended photographs are sometimes lost, Douglas believes this approach enables him to create intimate meditative photographs that evoke both a sense and transcendence of place and subject.

For Douglas, the exposed photograph is only the first half of the creative journey.  Whether exposed to grain or pixel, the goal is to articulate the composition into a meticulously crafted and considered photographic print. A new process begins, exploring variations in color and tonal balance, contrast, and emphasis, all iteratively. Douglas' intention in the final print is two-fold: to convey the veracity of the original composition while invoking a sense of wonder beyond the composition's physical elements. While the print is the culmination of his effort, it is only successful if that effort is transparent to the viewer.

Douglas Vincent's journey into photography began in 1992 during a trip to Zion National Park.  Zion's grandeur and grace exerted a transformational pull on Douglas that coaxed curiosity into commitment. That commitment began with an all-manual Nikon FM-2 film camera. Over time, 35mm evolved into 4x5 inch large format with Douglas creating work in both color transparency and instant black and white (Polaroid Type 52) mediums.

In 2005, desiring to learn traditional photographic print making, Douglas went against the grain of conventional photographic wisdom and invested in a wet darkroom focused on creating direct-positive, chromolytic prints commonly known as Cibachrome. While Cibachrome was discontinued in late 2011, Douglas secured enough paper and chemistry to continue printing with this exceptional material. Today he is one of few remaining active Cibachrome printers in the world.

Since 2000, Douglas has also immersed himself in digital photography and printmaking. He dove into LightJet printing but was dissatisfied with the lack of direct control in the process. Once pigment inks achieved archival standards coupled with the introduction of museum-grade fiber papers, Douglas committed to the medium. Now, along with Cibachrome, he creates pigment ink prints exploring their unique characteristics with more recently inspired subject matter.

In 2013, Douglas made a "long-time coming" decision to relocate out of Northern California's Silicon Valley to Bend, Oregon trading a career in web marketing for a full-time focus on photography and the arts. Douglas now relishes his time as a full time photographic artist, guide, and instructor.

Conveying light and form to move the viewer to emotion, even introspection, is the true joy Douglas finds in photography.

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