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In-Gallery: Shooting on Manual to Maximize Creativity

All of the greatest photographers use their camera on the Manual setting. The reason is simple – Shooting on Manual maximizes your creativity by controlling the camera to capture images the same way you see them.

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Saturday, Jun. 19 9:00 am

In-Gallery: Introduction to Studio Lighting and Posing with John Hernandez

In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn how to create evocative portraits using only one artificial light source and basic posing techniques. Techniques will be demonstrated by instructor John Hernandez with a model.

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Saturday, Jul. 10 9:00 am

In-Gallery: Lightroom: The Develop Module with Lewis Kemper

The Develop Module in Lightroom is a very powerful tool for taking your raw files and crafting them into your masterpieces. Mastering the Develop module will allow you take your image and process it to express your interpretation of your subject as you want it to be seen.

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Saturday, Jul. 17 9:00 am

Getting Started with Adobe Bridge, Camera Raw & Photoshop with Farrell Scott

The trifecta of image management, processing and manipulation.

Photoshop is a beast of a program and can be quite intimidating to get started. This workshop will demystify all the fuss and break down the barriers so you learn to become confident and start to actually enjoy using Photoshop.

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Saturday, Aug. 28 9:00 am

In-Gallery: Marketing Yourself in the Modern Photography Era with Kirk Keeler

As photographers, we can be great at producing art.  What can be challenging is knowing how to get the word out about our photographs – especially with regard to getting people in the gallery door to view and purchase your prints during an exhibit.

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Saturday, Sep. 11 9:00 am

On Location: Introduction to Street Photography with John Hernandez

During this workshop participants will learn:

Practical techniques on how to effectively photograph candid images of strangers on streets.
Tips on getting quick shots of fleeting scenes and light conditions.
How to take advantage of mobile phones as great tools in street photography.
How to maximize their cameras to capture street photos that express an individual point of view or style.

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Saturday, Sep. 18 9:00 am

Expanding Your Creativity with Time and Motion With Lewis Kemper

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Today’s outdoor photographer has many options for expanding their creativity beyond that of a simple exposure. Using techniques such as Long Exposures, both day and night, we can now make photographs that dazzle the viewer. 

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Saturday, Sep. 25 9:00 am

Luminous Images: Encaustics and Photography with Angela Casagrande

In this two-part introductory workshop, attendees will receive hands on instruction from artist and photographer Angela Casagrande on the art of encaustics and photography.

Encaustic painting is the use of heated beeswax in which colored pigments are added. The heated beeswax may then be applied to any surface. It is an incredibly flexible medium that may be combined with collage, oil, paints, inks, dry media and photography. The history of encaustic painting dates back to ancient times and still maintains it popularity to this day in contemporary art.

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Saturday, Oct. 2 9:00 am

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