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Luminous Images II: Encaustics, Photography and Flame

Encaustic painting is the use of heated beeswax in which colored pigments are added. The heated beeswax may then be applied to any surface. It is an incredibly flexible medium in that it can be combined with any number of mediums such as collage, oil paints, inks, dry media and photography. The history of encaustic painting dates back to ancient times and still maintains it popularity to this day in contemporary art.

This is an advanced workshop in encaustic painting. This class will introduce students to additional fusing techniques and their creative application through the use of flame, tacking irons and embossing heat guns. Shellac burning as a means of creating abstract surface textures and pyrography pens for small detail work will also be demonstrated.

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Sunday, May. 17 9:00 am

Baja Women's Photography Retreat Information Meeting

Overview and Q & A about the retreat.

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Wednesday, May. 27 5:30 pm

Shooting on Manual to Maximize Creativity

All of the greatest photographers use their camera on the Manual setting. The reason is simple – Shooting on Manual maximizes your creativity by controlling the camera to capture images the same way you see them.

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Saturday, May. 30 9:00 am

Tri-Color Gum Printing with Diana Bloomfield

Viewpoint Photographic Art Center together with Sierra College, Rocklin, CA is hosting a tri-color gum bichromate workshop with nationally recognized photo artist Diana Bloomfield!

In this intensive two-day workshop, Diana will be teaching how to print in the 19th century photographic process of gum bichromate to 10 lucky participants. Using color separation negatives, you learn how to make multilayered, tri-color gum bichromate prints on watercolor paper. Diana will also discuss the making of digital negatives.

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Saturday, Jun. 6 9:00 am

Jeff Litton: Fundamentals of Drone Photography & Aerial Cinematography

This introductory workshop will cover the basics of how to fly drones and capture images from the air. It is crucial to learn how to fly before you purchase a drone, so we will discuss what to buy, how to fly, and how to become a competent pilot and cinematographer.  Whether you want to fly for fun or professionally, this introductory class will start from the ground up.

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Saturday, Jun. 13 9:00 am

Into the Eye of the Sun - HDR for Natural Looking Images

“Mama always told me not to look into the eye of the sun … But mama, that's where the fun is” Bruce Springsteen.

Since the beginning of photography, photographers have always been battling the issue of dynamic range and contrast--especially when pointing the camera into the sun such as sunrise and sunset images. But digital has changed all of that. With the introduction of HDR (High Dynamic Range Imagery) photographers can now point into the sun without issue.

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Sunday, Jun. 14 9:00 am

Night Photography and Light Painting in Shingle Springs

This evening workshop will take place in the dramatic dark skies of the Shingle Springs area--which instructor Joe Fischer knows very well. Joe will show you how to combine night photography with light painting so you can capture the heavens with unique items of interest.

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Saturday, Jun. 20 7:00 pm

Introduction to Studio Lighting and Posing

In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn how to create evocative portraits using only one artificial light source and basic posing techniques. Techniques will be demonstrated by instructor John Hernandez with a model.

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Sunday, Jul. 12 9:00 am

The Art of Creating Paintings from Photographs

In this processing workshop, you will learn some of the basic options available when creating artistic compositions from your photos. Workshop attendees will focus mostly on Adobe Photoshop, however, if there is an interest in Elements, Affinity or Luminar (any software that supports layers and masking), this may be reviewed as well. A laptop and software are not required, but if you have these, you'll get direct instruction from the course by working "hands-on."

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Sunday, Jul. 19 10:00 am

Post Processing of Night Images with Farrell Scott

Have you captured a good image at night with the composition you were seeking but finding post processing a little trickier than daylight or flash images?  Creating night images poses unique challenges on its own, from focusing in the dark to calculating long exposures. But there’s more to night photography than just capturing the image in the field. In this class, you will learn how to deal with common night photography issues through image deconstruction, layers and masks, blend modes and other retouching tools.

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Saturday, Jul. 25 9:00 am

THE PHOTOGRAPHER’S EYE, A Workshop Inspired by John Szarkowski's Book

Join Gene Kennedy in an alternative conversation about "seeing," “composition," and ways to organize an image. Seeing in photography is about recognizing and “selecting" a subject and then “taking” (in the best sense of the word) a picture. Outside of a studio, it seems fair to say that a photographer takes a picture, which then becomes the raw material for “making” a print, which might deviate dramatically from the original “capture,” whether it’s seen on film or on a digital sensor.

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Sunday, Jul. 26 9:00 am

The Art of Seeing with Farrell Scott

“The question is not what you look at but what you see.” -David Thoreau

How do you see the world around you? Do you often miss things that others see? Of course, most of us can see in the conventional sense, but most of us don’t ‘see’ in the creative sense because quite simply, we are blind to it. This class will take you on a fun and thoughtful journey of truly “seeing” and make a significant impact on your image making.

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Sunday, Aug. 9 2:00 pm

WOMEN’S PHOTOGRAPHY RETREAT in Valle de Guadalupe, Baja, Mexico

Facilitated by Rebecca Gregg, this immersive retreat explores your creativity and how it defines you. Daily assignments will help participants grow, learn and explore their craft through new ways of seeing. Set in a remote ranch in Baja’s lush wine region you will photograph ranchers and ranch life, pastoral vineyards, animals, natural landscapes and amazing night skies.  The ranch is off the grid, a perfect setting to unplug and relax while exploring your artistic self.

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Sunday, Sep. 13 12:00 am

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