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Star Trails and Milky Way Galaxy in Tahoe National Forest

Some of the most exciting images are taken in the still of the night--just you and your camera--waiting for that prefect shot.
Seasoned field instructor, Joe Fischer, will show you how to capture brilliant photos of the Milky Way Galaxy and combine them with scenic landscapes or unique items of interest. The plan for this evening workshop will be to capture star trails and images of the Milky Way galaxy reflecting off a remote mountain lake. Depending on our compositions, we may do light painting too.

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Saturday, Jun. 1 6:30 pm

Summer Farmer’s Market Shoot with Farrell Scott

Street photography does not necessitate the street as a backdrop or people as the subject, rather capturing humanity in vivid scenes that express our commonalities as well as our differences. The subject of food adds another dimension to these commonalities and differences in its expression of culture and celebration.

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Saturday, Jun. 22 7:00 am

Night Photography and Light Painting Workshop in Shingle Springs

Viewpoint's second evening workshop will take place in the dramatic dark skies of the Shingle Springs area--which instructor Joe Fischer knows very well. Joe will show you how to combine night photography with light painting so you can capture the heavens with unique items of interest.

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Saturday, Aug. 3 6:30 pm

Unlocking Creativity in Mobile Phone Photography

Much more than a toy, smartphones offer a whole new way of seeing photographically. This workshop will begin by helping you learn the basics of smart phone photography, navigating your phone, and learning about some of the "apps" that are available to help expand your creative process. An overview of special tripods and lenses options will also be explored. In the final part of the workshop, everyone will go outside to take a few images and compare results.
Lastly, the workshop will offer information on printing your images and enlarging them using new computer software.
You may wish to be ready to purchase a few suggested Apps (cellphone applications) when you’re at the workshop so you'll leave with new options and information.

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Sunday, Aug. 18 10:00 am

SHARPER FOCUS SERIES: Black and White Landscape Photography from Vision to Print with Gary Wagner

Award winning photographer and author Gary Wagner takes you through the steps for capturing and creating distinctive black and white imagery of the landscape. This half day workshop is intended for photographers with all levels of photo experience who want to learn more about black and white imagery to expand their vision and craft. 

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Saturday, Sep. 28 9:00 am

Luminous Images: Encaustics and Photography with Angela Casagrande

In this two-part introductory workshop attendees will receive hands on instruction from artist and photographer, Angela Casagrande on the art of encaustics and photography.

Encaustic painting is the use of heated beeswax in which colored pigments are added. The heated beeswax may then be applied to any surface. It is an incredibly flexible medium that may be combined with collage, oil, paints, inks, dry media and photography. The history of encaustic painting dates back to ancient times and still maintains it popularity to this day in contemporary art.

Day 1: Oct. 19, 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.
Day 2: Oct 20, 9 a.m. to 12 noon

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Saturday, Oct. 19 9:00 am

Introduction to Lightroom with an Emphasis on the Library and Develop Modules with Farrell Scott

Lightroom is one of the most powerful and versatile programs available for organizing, processing and outputting your images. In this workshop you will be guided through a review of all of the modules of Lightroom, explaining their functions and how they can be useful to your workflow.

Following this overview, the focus will move to the Library and Develop Modules—two powerful tools for organizing your raw files and crafting them into masterpieces.

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Sunday, Oct. 27 9:00 am

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